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  • Foam Roller Faves

    Foam roller tutorials provided by Bird Bites Blog.

    On thing I do after just about every workout is spend a few minutes with the foam roller.  What a foam roller helps with is something called myofascial release, basically it releases tightness in your muscles and the fascia surrounding them.  Think of it sort of like a self-massage.  If you don’t have a foam roller, you can find […]

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  • Arms & Abs Featuring TRX

    2016-04-16 19.12.11

    As a personal trainer, one of the areas  I specialized in was TRX Suspension Training.  The TRX Suspension Trainer is a fantastic piece of equipment that can be found at most gyms, and actually makes a relatively inexpensive, extremely versatile addition to any home gym.  The great thing about TRX is that it’s all abs all the time. […]

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  • DIY Recipe Binder

    DIY Recipe Binder

    I’ll admit it, I’m a huge nerd who actually enjoys organizing.  Back in school, I was that kid who got super excited for her clean new notebooks with matching folders, labeled for each subject… However, until recently my recipe collection was anything but.  Because I realize staying organized is key to success in any area, […]

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  • Treadmill Tabatas

    Treadmill Tabatas

    I love running, but… I’m what you might call a picky runner.  Let me explain.  I love to run, outside, when it’s 40 degrees or above, and sunny (see picture above).  Now, living in Minnesota that means I can run for about 1/3 of the year.  So, the rest of the year I usually just […]

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  • The Great Potato Debate

    The Great Potato Debate

    White potato vs. sweet potato, which is better for you? More and more I have been hearing buzz touting the benefits superfood sweet potatoes, and bashing the regular old white ones.  Personally, I love both, and think that what makes any type of potato so bad for us is what we are putting on them (the […]

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  • Rest + Rebuild

    Rest + Rebuild

    This past week on vacation, I realized there was something important that had been missing from my workout routine for the past few months, rest! While I am always good about taking a rest day throughout the week, and leaving at least a day between working the same muscle group, I had forgotten about the […]